Episode #6 – Josh Woodward, Sylvain the Librarian, The Gasoline Brothers

This has actually been ready and out for a couple of weeks now, but I haven't had the chance to sit down and hammer out a blog post. Maybe I should do both of those at the same time in the future...hmm... Well anyway, this episode is so far my favourite as far as music… Continue reading Episode #6 – Josh Woodward, Sylvain the Librarian, The Gasoline Brothers

#5 – Vacation Part 2!

Surprisingly, I've got this podcast completed on time! That's pretty amazing for me, lately. There are lots of good tracks in this podcast. None of them are new artists to Alternative Airwaves, but they are tracks that I haven't played yet.Unfortunately, I still don't have any pictures to give you from my vacationing. Those will… Continue reading #5 – Vacation Part 2!