Boxing Fox – The Shepherd Hates Us

I didn’t talk about Boxing Fox‘s album The Shepherd Hates Us nearly enough on Podcast #3. In fact, I only mentioned them in passing. To be honest, I didn’t really give their album a full listen before including them in the podcast – I simply listened to a bit of the first track, and decided it was good enough. That turned out to be a real shame for me, because The Shepherd Hates Us is a really fun ska album.

The first track, Good Mood, sets the tone for the whole album. Despite sounding a little corny, I have to say it – the song really does put you in a good mood, and that carries through the entire album. Vanessa and I both thought that Good Mood sounded a lot like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, which is not necessarily saying anything bad about Boxing Fox.
The band itself is from Germany, so it’s a little surprising that only one of the tracks is sung in German. I personally prefer English-language songs so I’m not too disappointed – just surprised.
At any rate, this really is the perfect album to just throw on during a party for a fun time. The lyrics are upbeat (especially in The Sun is Shining), the beats are ridiculously danceable, and well…I can’t go on without repeating, so just take my word for it, and download this band!
Oh, I heard about this band through Free Albums Galore. Check out their post about Boxing Fox here.

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