Glass Waves – One Day We’ll All Just Float Away

I don’t like spoiling the content of upcoming podcasts, but I think it’s hard to make it NOT obvious who I’m featuring when I talk about them BEFORE I record. Anyway, obvious hints aside, I heard about Glass Waves at the start of the week via Twitter; the Creative Commons twitter account re-tweeted FrostClick‘s post about Glass Waves, an alternative / rock group with a free album.

The group is from St. Louis, and from FrostClick‘s post, consists of Jordan on vocals and guitar, Micah on bass, and Nate on drums. The album in question is One Day We’ll All Just Float Away, and has a pretty neat sound. Now, the group is described as “rock” but I’d throw them more into the alternative category – even “indie” if you fall into the camp where “indie” is its own sound rather than just meaning independant.

Anyway the album is fairly mellow. I listened to it on a rainy day, which seems fitting for the overall sound. I don’t mean to say that it’s depressing, but it just feels like a rainy day album to me. I’ll at least keep some surprise by not telling you WHICH track I’m playing in this week’s podcast (which, as an aside, will be delayed by a volleyball tournament).

You can check out Glass Waves at their website,, on Jamendo, Myspace, LastFM, Facebook, and finally Twitter. Wow, we sure do have a multitude of sources to get information about a band these days.

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