Podcast #4 – Road Trip Podcast

I had a bit of a scare Monday evening when my laptop wouldn’t turn on – all my podcast stuff is on that computer. But cooler heads prevailed and I got it working! The result is a very delayed but completed Podcast #4 – The Road Trip Podcast!

It’s a bit shorter on the talk side, as I didn’t include all song information or tell any stories. Feel free to consult the playlist below!

Download the Podcast – 50.8 MB

Also pictures that I mention in the podcast will be coming later; Vanessa still has them, and I don’t. I’ll post ‘em when I got ‘em!


  1. Jane’s Addiction – Chip Away
  2. Street Sweeper – Clap For The Killers
  3. Brad Sucks – Look & Feel Years Younger
  4. Rubenfunskter – Move Your Booty
  5. Boxing Fox – The Sun is Shining
  6. .Audiosport – The One
  7. Talco – La Sedia Vuota
  8. Brad Sucks – Never Get Out
  9. Two Helens – Write This Letter
  10. The Notes and Scratches – The River Girl
  11. Tin Soldier – Soldier
  12. .Audiosport – Figure Eight Race
  13. Glass Candy – Crystal Migraine
  14. Louis Lingg & The Bombs – La Menteuse
  15. Predator – Irrelevent
  16. Nine Inch Nails – Not So Pretty Now
  17. Boxing Fox – Friends For Life
  18. Two Spot Gobi – Come and Go

Image taken from here.

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