Holiday Podcast + Refocusing

Hello readers & listeners! Unfortunately, due to a combination of moving to a new house and going on vacation, I haven’t been able to upload my Holiday podcast. I know we’re out of the holiday season, but I still want to take care of that this weekend.

I also want to mention that I’d like to start to refocus my attention on the podcast. I originally intended to release podcasts weekly, then due to time constraints I went bi-weekly, and now it’s once in a blue moon when I have the time to do it. This really bothers me, because I wanted the podcast to be a project that I did NOT drop – I’m really notorious for that, to be honest.

So, I’m going to start retooling a little. My podcasts will now be shorter, and more focused; I haven’t decided on a length, but I can say for sure they won’t be any longer than 45 minutes. I’m going to make them into artist features, taking a look at a few songs from one album in particular with a few other artists thrown in the mix. I feel that this will give me something to work toward, minimally every two weeks.

At the same time, I want to start blogging again. I’ve really let this podcast/blog slide, and I feel terrible about it. This was a fun project that I wanted to do, and I’ve let it slip away. Hopefully I still have some readers and listeners out there, so rest assured I will be back on top of things.

I promise to draw up a posting schedule and stick to it; that is my goal for 2010. Thanks for taking an interest in my blog and podcast.

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