A Jovian Night – Balayan Bats

A Jovian Night – Balayan Bats

The music I normally enjoy is often either upbeat and energetic, or good ol’ alternative; I was musically raised on dance music in my brother’s room in the early ’90s, and listened almost exclusively to Our Lady Peace in my formative years. I’ve since developped a taste for a bit of everything, and every now and then I appreciate the calmer, more thoughtful music that’s out there.

That’s where A Jovian Night – Balayan Bats comes into play. It’s a nice, calm album from Ottawa-based artist Mike Britton. I gave this album a short review on Jamendo and said that Bats‘ track #10, “Oddly Calm”, is how I would best describe the sound, and that opinion hasn’t much changed. I still find the album enjoyable, and it definitely has a calming effect when you listen to it.

Britton’s voice is clear and distinct, and is really good. You can hear the emotion pouring into his lyrics, which are about his experiences in the Phillippines. Britton does a good job of describing the scenery and everything happening around him, and tells a detailed story from start to finish.

I really can’t say much more than I enjoyed the sound of the album and appreciated what it was about. If you’re looking for some quieter, more thoughtful music, then you should check out A Jovian Night.

If you want to hear more from A Jovian Night, check out the album Shocked Quartz on Jamendo.com.

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