Alive And Well at the Trash Bar

I just want to point people toward a pretty cool looking documentary. It’s all about the NYC punk scene since the demise of clubs like CBGBs and Continental – in particular, it’s about a club called The Trash Bar. The documentary is called Alive and Well at the Trash Bar.

I personally haven’t watched it yet, as I just found out about it this morning, but I plan to stick it on my ipod the next chance I get. You can check out the full write-up on FrostClick. Here’s the best part – it’s licensed under Creative Commons and is free to download & distribute.

“Alive and Well at The Trash Bar” is a MegaPlatinum Entertainment LLC
Production and it’s licenses under Creative Commons. MegaPlatinum supports the
bittorrent platform for spreading and sharing creative ideas. We encourage you
to share this movie with your friends and seed the torrent well, so others can
enjoy it as well.

If you like the music in this documentary, we suggest you take a look
at The Official Live Album of The Trash Bar in Brooklyn NY – you can download it here. It contains 28 tracks in total! All raw, all analog, all
live! — Courtesy

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