I Love Podcasting

I feel really bad about neglecting this blog; I mean, I made it a partial resolution to take better care of the blog and to re-start the podcast.  I’ve done 1 out of 2 – I just need to do a better job.  I am probably better off writing up a ton of posts and staggering them out.  I really should do that.

Just thought I’d write a little about the podcast.  I’m really glad I’m doing a short, focused podcast every two weeks.  I’m finding it a lot easier to move the creative process along when I have the time to do it, and narrowing the focus to ONE artist really helps to make a tighter recording.  I also find that I’m able to work further ahead – I’ve already found at least two more albums to feature in the podcast.

Episode #2 is currently in production – I’m in the final writing stages, and will likely record either tonight or tomorrow.  And, honestly – if I can get it done tonight, I will aim to start working on #3 as soon as #2 is in the can. 

That’s all for now; I am going to write up a post a little later today about some albums I’ve listened to recently.

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