Robin Grey – Strangers With Shoes

I get a lot of my free music from Free Albums Galore, a really fantastic blog that is as the name says, all about free music.  It led me months ago to a discovery of Robin Grey, a British folk singer/songwriter whom I really enjoyed.  Anyway, I liked his two albums, and was pleased to discover that he has a second full-length work available.

I streamed his latest album Strangers With Shoes today – on my Blackberry; my goodness I love technology!  Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed this album as much as I did Robin’s other offerings.  There are two repeated tracks from his I Love Leonard Cohen EP, including the title track of said EP, but everything else is new.

It’s very folky and I recommend it.  I was considering featuring the album in a podcast, but considering I’ve done it before…well, maybe I’ll play a tune or two somewhere down the line.

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