This is probably NOT shocking news, but Sloan is ridiculously good to their fans.  I first realized this last night, when I read about them streaming their latest compilation album, B-Sides Win, on Facebook.  I got a gift card from my brother for iTunes, so I decided I would use some of that to buy the album.  Unfortunately, B-Sides Win is not available on iTunes.

So I went to their website to find it.  I was blown away by several things; allow me to list them in order for you.
A. They’re selling B-Sides Win for $9.99.  AND every single other album in their discography is there for $9.99 (except for Hit & Run, which is $3.99 because it’s an EP).
B. Every single album from their discography is available on their website to stream, for free. (!)
C. You can pay for the albums by credit card, but also Paypal.  This is great, especially for those who prefer not using credit cards for various reasons (I am one of those).

I think it’s safe to say that Sloan gets it.  Or, in twitterese, #sloangetsit.  Can we trend that hash tag?

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