Episode 4 – Paper Navy

Episode 4 is here!  Albeit late!  But I sat through a thunderstorm while recording this, risking losing all my work in the process.  Today’s podcast features Paper Navy, and their album All Grown Up.  Here are some notes:

  • The opening track was called Here Comes the Rain by Wilson Noble
  • My poor dog was freaking out for the duration of the podcast; I dedicate it to him
  • I recorded this with my bizarre set up again – using two different Skype accounts between two computers.
  • I apologize for the popping p’s.  I am going to try to fix these next episode.
  • The closing track was called Heroines, by Diablo Swing Orchestra.  Read their mythology at their official website.  Seriously, check out their music.  It is nuts.  I think I will have to do a podcast for them alone one day.

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