Alison Crowe – Spiral

I meant to write about this album a few weeks ago, but life got in the way.  That’s not important now though, because I *am* writing about it.

Alison Crowe – Spiral

Alison Crowe is one of the first Canadian artists I discovered on Jamendo after starting this podcast.  I already knew about Brad Sucks (, but when I started out, I wanted to find some good Canadian artists.  Crowe is a singer/songwriter, and is quite frankly really good.

She produces some high-quality stuff, and Spiral is no different.  The songs are often light and – this might make no sense – “friendly”.  I’m not even entirely sure what I mean by that, except that they’re easy to listen to and aren’t about heartbreak or whatnot.  Or if they are about depressing things, the music behind the lyrics are bright and positive.  It sort of evens out I guess?

To break everything down into a simple statement, Alison Crowe has a great voice and has a lot of musical talent.  I recommend the album Spiral, and her earlier work while you’re browsing Jamendo (

I’ll be listening to some more albums today as I work through my long list of things to listen to, so expect some more posts throughout the week (and maybe another today).

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