Rock psychédélique

Stay with me on this one, it requires a very open mind.  Well, unless you’re a fan of extremely eclectic, improvisational music.

Le Truc Ensemble – Beding! Bedang!

Before listening to this album, I expected to hear some funny stuff along the lines of Radio Radio.  Not so; in fact I don’t think it could get any further from Radio Radio.  Beding! Bedang! consists of what I picture to be a group of guys just having some fun with various musical instruments – mostly drums, guitars, and a saxaphone.  No vocals, just pure instrumental improv.

In places it sounds messy and disorganized, but I think that’s the point here.  You should definitely not expect anything remotely close to a clean sound.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really too hyped up about this thing after listening to it.  I could definitely see myself putting this on in the background while working on something at home, but I found it to be distracting while at work.  I definitely wouldn’t put this on in the car (though it might serve a purpose to keep you awake on a long haul).

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