Pink Noise

Don’t let the name of the band fool you – Pinkle is a really great group from Lausanne, Switzerland.  I found this group when searching for similar artists to Bella Ruse.

The album is called Pink Noise, and you can find it over at Jamendo (where else?).  To describe it briefly, it is 12 tracks of beautiful folk-pop.  As many of the reviewers have done already, you will no doubt draw comparisons to other famous artists (some examples include Jason Mraz or David Bowie, but I’m not sure I hear that myself).  There’s also a little hint of some alternative roots in there, which automatically increases the appeal of the album for me.

Give it a listen if you like folk-pop albums, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Stay tuned for a couple more albums this week, plus a new podcast tomorrow!

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