Sens Win!!!!

Well folks, I didn’t do a podcast last night – because the Ottawa Senators were facing the Pittsburgh Penguins in an elimination game.  If Ottawa lost, they’d be out of the playoffs in 5 games.  As it happens, they beat the Penguins in triple Overtime to win 4-3, and subsequently force a Game 6 back here in Ottawa.

So, I’m going to record the podcast when I get home from work tonight.  In the meantime, I thought I would find some high-energy music to inspire the Boys in Red.  I opened up Jamendo, and typed “kick some ass” into the search bar and found these artists:

  • Arkane – Come Get Some – I’m singling out the song Dissipation on this two-track album.  Solid rock, and fits the bill to a tee for high energy.  This song is dedicated to the Penguins: “Why don’t you go away??” I think that’s one of the lyrics, anyway.
  • Some Living – The First TryA mix of ska and alternative, this group is pretty good.  The song I’m picking from this two-track album (what’s with that?  Give me 4 at least) is Little Trombone.  I’d pick Pure Vitality but Little Trombone is a faster paced track.
  • Lizard Loo – Some Wonder, Some Don’t, So What If I – What a mouthful of an album name.  Doesn’t matter though – this is a cool punk band from Germany.  Pretty much any one of these tracks would fit the bill for high-energy, but because of the title, I’m going to pick One in a Million.  I’ll dedicate that to Daniel Alfredsson, who is a one in a million player.  Spotlight is a good secondary choice.  And oh gosh, Reviving Life is really appropriate for the team right now too, they’ve got some newfound confidence from that win!

That’s all that I found from that search.  So just for kicks, I decided to see what “Hockey” turned up, and here’s what I got: The’s Wil I Gome – DJ’s Hockey.  I really don’t understand the name, but hey, it had an interesting beat to it.  Something tells me there is a bit of a language barrier involved here.

That’s it!  By the way, the picture at the top of the article is of Peter Regin, an awesome rookie who has just been playing fantastic hockey in this playoff series – his first ever!  I think he might be my next favourite player after Alfredsson.

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