Did anyone else wake up to snow this morning?  I mean – snow, at the end of April?  Seriously?

Anyway, I’m working away at this week’s blog posts.  By working away I mean finally listening to a boatload of music I had sent to my inbox.  I thought until then, I would find something related to snow.

What I’ve found is quite different from my usual links.  It’s some classical music by composer Terry Snow.  The album is called Theme and Variations for Strings.  It’s a short album, only 4 tracks long – a Classical EP, if you will.  It’s very good, and in fact reminds me of something I might hear in a movie score.

The first track, Allegro: Life sounds like it should be in a thriller.  Actually, they all sound like they should be part of a thriller of some kind.  Larghetto: Love is quite clearly a love track, but there’s a hint of some other action going on in the background.  I think it’s almost like someone is dying, and in their throes are proclaiming their love.  Or something like that.  At other points it sounds more like someone has just been killed when they weren’t supposed to be.  Does that make sense?

Cantabile: Dream is an odd one though.  I can hear it being in the same soundtrack as the other two, but at the same time it sounds like it could be something from a period piece (for example, England in the 1800’s).  Actually, I’m not sure if it has any place other than in a period piece…it doesn’t fit the thriller movie mould like the first two tracks.  That’s okay in my books, though.

Actually I take what I said back about all the tracks being part of a thriller score.  The first two tracks, I would definitely place them there.  But when you hear all four, it seems that Life is the one that’s out of place.  The last three, including Allegro vivace: Laughter, all make me picture British folk in elaborate suits and dresses.

Well there you have it.  My incredibly silly breakdown of a very good classical music album.

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