Clavis is a Synonym for Glossary

I thought I’d try my hand at clever titles for my posts this week.  I don’t think I have the knack for it right now, to be honest.  I like the word Clavis, though I doubt I’d use it in regular speech.

Which brings us to its synonym: Glossary.  A while back, Free Albums Galore linked to a solo album by Joey Kneiser, who happens to be the lead singer of Glossary.  I haven’t listened to that solo album yet, because I wanted to get a little background listening in first, which led me to Glossary’s album, The Better Angels of Our Nature.

I knew going in that the style was going to be a sort of southern rock with a little country flavour.  That’s how Kneiser’s album was described, and from all I read Glossary plays a similar sound.  I am a fairly big fan of southern rock, and I believe my top artist in that genre would be Matt Mays (and the now defunct El Torpedo).  Listening to Angels of Our Nature, I was not disappointed.

This is some solid stuff from the beginning.  It didn’t even take me 5 tracks to get into it, as I was hooked from the very first note.  It’s always hard for me to pick a favourite track when I listen to an album for the first time, because they’re all so fresh to me that they all sound equally fantastic.  I mean, Only Time Will Tell was a very good song, encapsulating the southern rock feel perfectly.  To be honest, I haven’t finished listening to the album while I type this; even so, Shout It From the Rooftops is standing out as the best thus far.  The instrumentation in it is phenomenal.  However, I’m going to just hold on for a little bit before continuing the write-up while the rest of the album plays.

Yeah, definitely Rooftops is the stand-out track for me.  Chase Me Out of The Dark is a close second, though.  That said, the entire album is very good.  The vocals, the gritty guitar solos – it all fits together to make a fantastic album.  If Joey Kneiser’s solo album is half as good as this, I know I’ve got another great album coming up next.

If you’re interested in the latest from Glossary, check out Feral Fire – it’s available to buy on Amazon and iTunes.  It’s supposed to have a little R&B infused into it, so it sounds interesting.

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