#7 – Long Weekend Party Tunes

Or the title is something like that.  Anyway, I uploaded my podcast to iTunes over the weekend and never did a blog post to go along with it; shame on me!

So, here are the notes:

  • I recorded the show while trying out some new software, Virtual DJ.  You can download the program free for 30 days (and I think the basic version is like $50).  There are some moments where it is a little awkward, but I think overall it sounds great!
  • Oh, in addition to that comment – if there is an  open source program that does what VDJ does, let me know – I feel it would fit better with the spirit of the podcast.
  • I featured two bands: Houdini Roadshow and The Liquid Kitchen.  They both rocked the house during the recording process.  Well they would have, if they were playing live.
  • That’s it I think?

You can download the podcast via iTunes, or this direct link here: http://gower.kundor.org/podcast/altair_052110.mp3.  This show runs approximately 33 minutes.

Also – I mentioned that my next podcast won’t have a feature artist exactly, but will be more of a “trying to catch up on the emails in my inbox” show.  Well, at this time I have at least 30 unread notes about various free music.  I’m going to write about some of them and include the rest in a two-part podcast.

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