InAshton – Videos of their NYC Live Debut!

I got an e-mail from InAshton the other day telling me about a couple of videos they have up on YouTube of their recent live debut at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City.  I’m personally not familiar with New York City (despite having been to Manhattan once when I was in high school), so I immediately thought that Arlene’s Grocery was actually a grocery store.  Good thing I looked it up!

Anyway it looks like InAshton had a pretty good set that night, and they have videos up of two of their songs (which happen to be two of my favourite tracks from their free album, which you can get it at, by the way).

InAshton – It’s Ok… It’s Ok (Live)

InAshton – Waitin’ (Live)

If you’re interested in checking out InAshton live, you can see them at the following locations…

  • Thursday June 3rd @ Rox Box in Philadelphia, PA (would there be a Stanley Cup Final game that night? I hope not)
  • Friday June 25th @ Sully’s in Hartford, CT

Take a look at their MySpace page for more details.

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