#8 – CC Sampler Part 1

I finally got to do the podcast this weekend!  Life has been very busy: sudden funeral 8 hours away, a softball tourney this afternoon (B Pool Champs!!), hockey tonight…well there was a lot.  I finally finished the final mix tonight, which required very little effort thankfully.  I stumbled in a couple of places but I felt the podcast fit together well, and there was some very cool music played.  Speaking of which, here’s the playlist with artist info

  1. The Dead Rocks – One Million Dollar Theme 
  2. Brad Sucks and The Hip Cola – SOS
  3. Brittani Louise Taylor – Everything’s Gonna be Okay 
  4. Carbon/Silicon – Make it Alright 
  5. No, Really – Molten 
  6. Jamie Rumley – Anywhere But Here 
  7. InAshton – It’s Ok…It’s Ok 
  8. I Am Not Lefthanded – Boats (Swept Away) 
  9. Julandrew – It’s Easy 
Part two should be coming this week – most likely to be done again on the weekend when I have some more time.  I was going to record it at the same time as Part 1, but I wasn’t able to get to it.

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