More Cover Songs? Not Quite.

I think it was a few weeks back now that I wrote a post about free cover songs.  After finding the gems that I did on Jamendo for episodes 8 and 9 (yes…there is one more coming!), I wanted to find more.  Unfortunately there is no “cover” tag, and searching for “cover song” doesn’t really yield anything helpful.

With that in mind, I turned to Google.  What is the most covered song?  According to one database, it’s Yesterday by The Beatles.  I plugged that word into Jamendo’s search bar, hoping to find some really cool covers hanging about, waiting for someone to listen.  What I unearthed was not cover songs, but instead albums or artists containing words from the song I was looking for.  And they’re not bad – here’s the short list.

  • Yesterday Evening (Single) by The Wagner Logic – This pair of songs are quiet and fairly laid back.  They barely qualify as rock, as the Jamendo tags suggest, but lie more in the genre of indie folk, maybe pop.  Actually, the tone of Yesterday Evening is quite close to that of Yesterday, so I’m just a little short of shouting “Success!” on this one.  Good for quiet-time listening.
  • Yesterday by The Fumes – This one tricked me off the bat.  It almost sounded like the singer was going to launch into that iconic tune.  Still a good track though.  It’s an acoustic track, and the audio quality is a little low – but it is a pretty positive tune and worth a listen.
  • Permanent Crisis by Dust River – I got this album from a search for Cry Me a River.  I think you can tell why that came up.  They’re labelled as “grunge” and “garage” alternative, and that is pretty accurate.  They seem to be trying to sound like Nirvana – if that’s the case, then they’re doing a good job.  What’s unique about them is that occasionally the singer’s voice picks up a little “countrified” twang in some tracks.

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