Ahead of Schedule

I finished recording the Canada Day podcast on Wednesday night – a full 8 days in advance of when I wanted to release it.  It’s actually uploaded -right now-, I just need to write up the blog post for it and update the RSS feed.  And then it’s all ready to go!

It’s really taking all my willpower not to put it out right now, because I’m really excited about it.  For the first time in a while it sounds really good, by my standards anyway.  I think part of that is because I’ve got my audio set up the way I want it, with keyboard shortcuts to do everything from muting the microphone to playing the next song.  I barely have to use the mouse while I have the mic on, which is more freeing than it sounds.

Also, I have plans in my head to add a second sound card to my PC – not sure how that would be beneficial to the set up of the podcast, but it sounds like a good idea in my head.  So, next podcast for me to work on will be Part 2 of the Creative Commons Sampler, which as I said is all laid out as far as what music I’m going to play.  After that we should be back to business as usual as far as featuring a particular artist is concerned.

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