LarG Productions – I Suck at Titles

Who: LarG Productions
What: I Suck at Titles

This album is slightly confusing in that LarG Productions is actually a record label, not the artist.  It sounds as though I Suck at Titles – a title to which I can relate – is a collaborative effort from this label based in Calgary, Alberta.  This particular album is mostly an Alt-Indie effort, though there are hints of punk in there as well.

This was just released on Jamendo just today, so it is quite fresh.  The music is interesting and easy to listen to (though it is not “easy-listening”), and the album is just 10 tracks long.  There’s some cool stuff going on in the songs, and a few of the tracks remind me of the scope of bands such as Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, or Rural Alberta Advantage.  The sound of the album probably reminds me more of BSS out of any of those three.

Check it out – it’s just 30 minutes long, good for your commute to or from work.

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