Sometimes I ask myself why I even have an Internet connection at home.  I find I’m usually completely disconnected from it: on weekends, I barely touch my computers, and that’s usually the same after work on weeknights.  I have my Blackberry for e-mails, facebook, and twitter, so when you break it down, there’s really no need for me to hang on to the Internet at home.  But then I wouldn’t have any way of uploading my podcast, would I?

As a result of this disconnection though, I usually am scrambling Monday mornings to catch up on a few missed e-mails, emptying out my Google Reader (which can have hundreds of new articles show up in one day, let alone a whole weekend), so on and so forth.  It makes it difficult to keep posting new music!  So I decided today that I’d do a lazy search and find something self-referential.  Or at least, perform a self-referential search: I plugged in “Jamendo” in the search box on

I came up with this: Jamendo 4 the World: Free Music.  I have no idea what it is, or who is responsible for it.  I’m just listening to it now, and it just looks like a mix tape thrown up on Jamendo.  It actually sounds pretty neat, from the first track.

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