Technology is Awesome

This isn’t really a music post, I just wanted to reflect on how great we have it with technology.

Think back to the 80s and 90s.  And I mean early 90s.  The future was still far away; sure we had cell phones, but they looked more like bricks than today’s phones, which are visibly similar to TNG‘s PADD devices.  We were all still dreaming about flying cars and information at our fingertips.

Fast forward to today: we have portable devices that not only allow us to talk to one another, but ostensibly replace the desktop (and even laptop) computer.  Information – while sometimes unreliable – IS at our fingertips, mere seconds away.  The only thing we’re missing from living in The Next Generation are combination touch-screen & voice activated controls – and even those aren’t far off.

I think what’s really cool is that we can so easily take one of these devices and stream virtually any music we want, whenever we want.  It’s just really awesome.

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