Some More Good Hip Hop

I was going to put together a podcast last night of some great hip hop music, but I ran out of time (I biked home and got stuck in the rain, so I also wasn’t really in the mood).  I thought I’d find some more hip hop music to fill up the podcast for when I actually get to it – here’s one of the artists I found on

TabLiv: The Vermont Tapes by Tab

Here’s the description straight from Jamendo:

TabLiv is a semi-concept album created by Tab {Dead Poets} & Tone Liv {Green Llamas}. The album is focused around a road trip to Vermont, but it also has a very nostalgic feel to it. Tab handled most of the production with a few beats from {Dibiase,Vincent Price & A.U.R.C} sprinkled in to keep it interesting. The Vermont Tapes is definately a feel good summer record but it still has that raw 90’s underground NY hip-hop vibe. Influences from everywhere {Sublime,Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest} can be heard throughout these 13 tracks.

My favourite so far is Morning Star, because of the awesome Ghost Busters rap in the middle.  The beats are also quite good throughout the album, and the raps are solid.  I would definitely listen to this again.

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