Emptying the Inbox

I frequently send myself links to music to listen to and then never get around to listening to it.  This leads to a ton of music piling up in the inbox…so it’s time to empty it!  I’ve got at least 25 things to go through, which I’ve pared down to 4 artists that I think really make the cut (i.e. I would play them in my podcast).

  1. Duck – Logical Fallacy – I would classify this as hip hop / dance.  I’m not entirely sure, but one thing is certain: the music has a fun beat.  I probably would save this for a night at the gym.  Or if you like this kind of music, you could probably enjoy it any time.
  2. The Pop Winds – Understory EP and The Turquiose – Now this is music more up my alley.  A little bit of rock tinge to an otherwise pop group.  If you were to describe something as having an “indie” sound, this would be it.  The group hails from Montreal as well, so they’re obviously taking a lot from the Canadian Indie scene.  They most definitely sound like a lot of other indie bands out there, but that’s not a bad thing because I found it enjoyable.  There’s a bit of an 80s feel because of the heavy synth use, too.
  3. I Am the Devil – Killers, Thieves and Liars – At a couple points this group reminded me of Japandroids, where they had a bit of a grungy sound on the guitars.  Cool EP to listen to.
  4. The Choosy Beggars – Choosy Beggars – This album has some sweet, blues-y soul sounds.  I can see myself listening to this out in the shade on a hammock reading a good book.  From the album art it looks like it should be some sort of country or southern rock album, but it’s nothing of the sort.  Great great great album.

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