Sweet, Sweet Logic

I’m not normally one for instrumental music, but Sweet Mother Logic has coloured me impressed.

I discovered them thanks to a Jamendo user’s excellent Canadian artist playlist (over 200 tracks!  Browse through it, you will have fun); they seemed like they had some cool looking cover art, so I clicked out of curiosity.  What a great group!

They mix everything under the sun: string instruments, guitar, drums…any instrument you can think of, it’s probably there.  Well, maybe there’s no kazoo.  It’s not in a classical style either – the songs are pretty rocking for the most part.  I first listened to their EP, The Ascension Island EP, to see if I could stomach what was tagged an experimental styled album.

I really liked it, so took the plunge into their self-titled album Sweet Mother Logic and had a lot of fun listening while I worked.  Whoever is behind SML, they are really talented.  The only reason I’m not devoting a podcast to these guys is because the tracks are a little too long for a 30-45 minute episode.

But I definitely recommend checking out Sweet Mother Logic.  You won’t be disappointed.

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