Circa Vitae

I was thinking of doing a podcast this week but a cold has put those plans aside.  I don’t think I can even breathe right let alone put on my “radio voice”.  So here’s a pretty cool album I found while browsing through the Pop tag on

Band/Artist: Circa Vitae
Album: Circa Vitae EP (2008)

Quick Profile of the band
The band hails from Eugene (I assume that’s in Oregon?), in the USA.  The name “Circa Vitae” apparently translates to “About Life”, according to the band’s biography.  Circa Vitae is made up of Britt Brady and Wesley Curtis on guitar, Thaddeus Moore (great name!) on drums, Nate Beveridge on bass, and Anna Ponto on vocals.  Brady also lends vocals to the songs.

What’s it like?
Pretty cool!  As you might imagine from finding it with a “Pop” tag, it is a lighter-toned album.  It has that “indie” sound characterstic to a lot of younger bands, but with a streak of experimentation as well.  It’s not catchy in the sense that I don’t find myself wanting to hum along to it like a good pop album should, but it still sounds good.

I recommend it if you’re looking for something light, but still want to dabble in a little music experimentation.  This album has all of that, plus the vocals are really good (they’ve definitely done well with the male/female lead vocal pairing).

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