Oh, Technology. So Imperfect.

I mentioned two things on Twitter recently.  The first was that I found some awesome music for the next podcast, which I will have to wait to record until next week (too busy this week + will be away from the Alternative Airwaves studios this weekend).  The second was that I wanted to listen to some new music (I did another inbox purge and downloaded a LOT of new stuff) but iTunes was giving me the old “unknown error” and wouldn’t sync my iPod before I left for work this morning.

Oh technology, you’re so imperfect.  But I view that as a good thing, because it prevents you from taking over the world and enslaving the human race (or outright killing us).

I was sent details of a new initiative from Creative Commons – this time the folks over at CC are asking you to become a CC Superhero.  You might have noticed the button at the side of the blog, which takes you to a donation link.


I still have a few more unread items in the inbox to go through, so I thought that instead of hiding them away for the podcast I’d share one or two.

That about clears out my inbox for sure.  Now I must avoid finding any more links before I listen to the new stuff I downloaded.  Watch me shake my fist Galvatron-style at iTunes.

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