Upcoming Podcast #15

I haven’t posted since the last podcast so I thought I would update everyone on the next podcast, which should be done…”soon”.  For the record, I’m NOT doing a Halloween-related podcast, because I haven’t got the time to track down CC-licensed Halloween tunes.  I do have a few though, so I’ll link them at the end of this post later.

Anyway a couple notes after listening back to the last podcast – obviously the “topic of discussion” thing didn’t work too well.  I may or may not revisit that.  Maybe if I can get a co-host it might be better.  I think I’m also going to just stop soliciting comments because no one leaves ’em anyway.  A call out to the blog URL and e-mail address will do from here on.

Here’s some Halloween-related music (and, it turns out, I could find enough to make a whole podcast):

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