#16 – Never Again

I recorded episode 16 of the podcast last night, but only got around to uploading it this morning.  So, that’s also why the blog post is late.  Anyway, the title thankfully does not refer to “I’m never again doing this podcast” but more so “I’m never again singing on the podcast” but you know what they say in An American Tale, never say never!

Side note: I got to 50k this year in NaNoWriMo!  Read about it on my other blog, here.

  Running time is I think 27:40.  A bit short because one of the songs wouldn’t play.

Track listing

  1. NanowaR – Stormlord of Power
  2. Convicted Killer Scientists – Mas Hypochondria
  3. Ghune– First Project / Wanderings
  4. Girl Talk – Make Me Wanna
  5. The Dead Rocks – Nicotine (played during Creative Commons News segment)
  6. Liam Stewart – Sixteen Words (did not play due to unknown error, but thought I’d link to it anyway)
  7. The Very Sexuals – Wrecked This Century
  8. Fatblueman – Fat Blue Christmas Swing Medley
  9. Stephen Gower – Jingle Bells (Horrible Version)

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