#17 – Slightly Less Embarassing

Last Saturday night I made myself a nice cup of coffee with eggnog (I swear, there was no rum involved) and settled in to do what looks to be my last podcast of 2010.  Things are just going to be too busy in the next couple of weeks, though I MAY end up doing a surprise ‘cast next week if I get the free time.  You just never know!

I have an announcement to make about a podcast coming up in January 2011, but I’ll save that for a separate blog post.

 There were some nice highlights this episode, including a really cool MJ cover.  Here’s the playlist.

  1. HoboTwang – Alone in the House
  2. She Swings, She Sways – What I Wouldn’t Do [NOTE: I learned just now that this band broke up]
  3. Paper Tiger – Sandy
  4. Josh Woodward – Revolution Now
  5. Joey Kneiser – Bruised Ribs
  6. The Transisters – JB is Dead
  7. Loudspeaker Alliance – Revolt
  8. Jens Wennberg – Tux
  9. InAshtonWill You Be There
And backing music was provided by James Edwards.
I said I would do a “Creative Commons News” recap on the blog, but that feature is really quickly turning into new CC releases (which is OKAY).  Here are some quick stuff I pulled from various sources.
  • XYZ by DJ Leq – It’s just a single, consisting of the original mix and a shorter version.  Kinda catchy!  Just released today.
  • 2010 by Hypnotic Crow – Another dance album, this one is also just plain catchy.  It’s a full-length album that consists of mainly electronic-based music.  While it was released today, it is apparently a compilation of older unreleased tracks by Hypnotic Crow.
  • Intercontinental Music Lab Goes to War – Intercontinental Music Lab – The name’s a mouthful, but the music from this UK outfit is pretty good.  I’m not sure how I’d tag it – it’s a mix between pop, punk, rock, and alternative rock.  I guess “alternative rock” is the best fit here.

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