Best of 2010

I was originally going to put this list together as a podcast, but I have spent far too long since announcing it so I thought I would put the list in text form.  A note about the songs on this list: most of them were played in a previous podcast, and I’ll be linking to that podcast post so you can find the artist info there.  One or two of the songs on the list I did not actually play in a podcast, but are still from artists I’ve played during 2010.

Before I get to the playlist, I just want to make a quick note about future podcast music formats.  Alternative Airwaves will still be bringing you what I consider really cool free creative commons-licensed music – that’s not going to change.  But I’m going to try to focus on new releases rather than back catalog stuff.  I also called out to local Ottawa artists on Twitter, so hopefully I can get some cooperation from local folks to play some of their new music.

There are a ton of awesome netlabels releasing new stuff out there, and there are way more artists releasing their stuff for free online, so I expect 2011 to be filled with some awesome music for the podcast!

Alright, on to the list!

  1. The Very Sexuals – Wrecked This Century (from podcast #16)
  2. I Am Not Lefthanded – Boats (Swept Away) (from podcast #8)
  3. The Pop Winds – Owl Eyes (from podcast #13)
  4. James Jr. – Let’s Stay Together (from podcast #11)
  5. The A.G.’s – Jesse’s Girl (from podcast #10)
  6. The Notes & Scratches – The Captions (from podcast #5)
  7. The State Lottery – Stories (The State Lottery can be heard on podcast #14)
  8. Sinkhole – Donut (from #1!)
  9. Glossary – Gasoline Soaked Heart (check out Glossary in podcast #6)
  10. The Wind Whistles – Gold Fever (podcast #9)
  11. Brad Sucks and The Hip Cola – SOS (from podcast #8)
  12. Loudspeaker Alliance – Singularity (podcast #3)
  13. Bella Ruse – Heart of Everyone (hear Bella Ruse in #14 and #15)
  14. Paper Navy – Factories (from podcast #4)
  15. 20LB Sounds – Redemption Song (from podcast #15)
2011 is looking to be a great year!

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