Blog Recommendation: International Sock Monkey

Just a quick note before my recommendation: one of my things for 2011 is to get some projects back on track.  One of those projects is this blog – if you haven’t noticed already, I’m posting a bit more frequently than I have in the last several months of 2010.  I also aim to get the podcast back on track – as I mentioned in the “Best of 2010” post.

Moving on – one of the things I want to make sure to highlight this year are great blogs for finding new music.  Many people probably already know about Free Albums Galore, but one I just found out about is International Sock Monkey.  ISM is run by the great folk-pop band Bella Ruse (did you know they just released a new album late in 2010?  It’s really good!).

The purpose of ISM is simple: post a free track from a band that they like every day.  I don’t think they’ve got the “every day” part down yet, but I know they’re working on it.  As someone who has to work on consistent posting myself, I won’t fault them for not posting every day.  BUT when they do post a new song, they have a really nice write-up about that particular track and what they think about it.

Most of the tracks are similar in style to Bella Ruse’s sound, but there are one or two departures in style that are pretty good.  If you’re looking for a source for new music, International Sock Monkey is a good place to start.

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