Blog Recommendation: A Truer Sound

A blog recommendation for a second week in a row!  This is in danger of becoming a recurring feature.  That’s probably not a bad thing – yet another way for me to increase my post-count and keep people reading.  Not that this is on top of my mind all the time.  *ahem*

Moving along, today’s recommendation is A Truer Sound.  I think I’ve linked to them before, but I don’t remember actually doing it, so I am going to stick with them this week for my recommendation.  A Truer Sound links to tons of different things as far as style goes, though I find usually there’s some sort of folk or roots sound to the music Matt (I think Matt is who runs the blog) links to.  Actually, if you read the ‘About’ page, it says right there – “We cover all music we like, but specifically music with strong roots.”

I’ve found some great stuff there in the past, and this week Matt (and his dog Roxie, apparently) have put up a lot of “Free Music Alerts”.  I definitely recommend this blog if you’re looking for some down-to-earth type of music.

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