New Release Tuesday

T for Tuesday!

 Does anybody know why Tuesday is the designated New Release day for music and movies?  I know it’s been that way for quite a long time, but I sometimes think it’s a bit of an odd day.  Why not Mondays?

Regardless, I found a couple of new releases to highlight today from some net labels.  As they are licensed via Creative Commons, they are free to download and distribute as you see fit.

First up, we have Joey RippsSon of 1,000 Pardons (BlocSonic).  The first single from this album, “For the Minute”, was released last Tuesday in advance of the entire album and I thought it was a fairly good hip hop track.  Not surprisingly, that’s what you’ll find with this release – 15 tracks of solid hip hop.

Jetting over to Gothamburg, Sweden,  23 Seconds has put out something a little different.  Azoora has a new album out, and it’s an instrumental “Indie / Post-rock / Trip-hop” album, Instrumentals Vol 1.  What’s particularly cool about this is that the CC license allows specifically for remixes, so hopefully that means some cool new sounds will come out of this album later on this year.  The release page promises a full-length summer 2011 release, but you can check out the back catalog if you’re interested in hearing what their “normal” sound is like.

That’s all I’ve tracked down so far, but if I find any other new releases this week worth mentioning I’ll make more posts, as always.  Well, “as always” meaning “since I started posting regularly again”.

(Image pilfered from Flickr:

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