The RPM Challenge!

I came across this blog post from Bella Ruse talking about the February RPM Challenge.  This is sort of in the same line as National Novel Writing Month: you have 28 days to record and release a 10-song or 35 minute album.  I checked out the FAQ, and it seems that to complete the challenge you need to send a physical copy of your album to the folks at the RPM Challenge.  Kinda cool!

They ALSO have a jukebox thing on the website where you can upload your tracks for everyone to listen and enjoy.  I think that is especially cool.  I like the idea behind this challenge because it’s a little more immediate than writing a novel.  Anyway, all rights remain in the hands of the artists, so if you want to do this and were afraid of what happens to any original music you may record for the project – don’t worry, it’s all yours.

I’m going to keep tabs on this project, and hope that at least some of it gets released via Creative Commons.  Good luck to all participants!

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