An Interesting Source for Free Music

I’ve got another source of free music for you to enjoy.  This looks like it’s some kind of record label – it’s at the very least an online store.  I found it through a link to a band called Greenland is Melting; the link came from A Truer Sound.  I don’t know why I split apart that sentence, other than it would have sounded even more confusing if I kept it as one sentence.  Good lord I hope I edit this out of the final draft

It’s called Paper + Plastick, and it has a mix of free stuff as well as music you can buy.  You simply have to go to the store, and sign up for an account – but it’s fairly quick and I don’t think they send anything to you unless you ask.  I will admit, the site design is not very intuitive (which is my nice way of saying that I’m not a fan of their layout and how you’re able to download music), but for the free tracks some slight pain is worth it.

I’ve downloaded a few tracks that I intend to include in the podcast, so there’s some good stuff you may want to check out there.  I assume the paid stuff is pretty good, though I haven’t checked any of it out.

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