#20 – 20th Anniversary Spectacular

I did it – I made it to 20 episodes!  In this week’s episode, you’ll hear quite a bit of hip hop (some of it not so conventional) plus some bluegrass mixed in between.  All this and more…in episode 20 of Alternative Airwaves!

Unfortunately the iTunes feed is still broken, but I hope to get it fixed in the near future.  But probably not until the next podcast.

Playlist for #20

  1. Joey Ripps – Can’t Stop Livin’
  2. Montag – Small Town Boy / Never Gonna Cry Again
  3. Bella Ruse – An Animal A Natural (Live Video Version)
  4. Greenland is Melting – Greenland Whale Fisheries
  5. Gangstagrass – In My Aching Heart Shadows Linger
  6. The Riot Before – Words Written Over Coffee
  7. Bomb the Music Industry! – Everybody That You Know
  8. Toby Mac – The Slam
  9. Dan Smith – Baby Got Book

Running time is 35:45

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