Yes!  I finally figured out the iTunes stuff!  The problem originally was that the place where I host my feed went down, and isn’t going back up any time soon.  So I switched to Feedburner…but you need to update your current RSS feed to point to the new RSS feed.  Unfortunately, I can’t do that because I can’t update my RSS file.

Anyway, I also didn’t set up the Feedburner feed properly before, but now I have and I’ve got it figured out.  I’ve re-submitted the podcast to iTunes, and asked them to remove the old one.  But if you don’t want to wait, you could always just plug in this address (by going to Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast):

That will connect to the feed and download the latest episode, which right now is #20.  I haven’t gone through and put all the old episodes up, and I don’t think that I will.  However I will make sure to update all the old links so that people can download the old podcasts that way.

And actually I would recommend people just subscribe to the feed in iTunes that way anyway (if you use iTunes, that is), rather than wait for it to be added to the iTunes store.  Much faster for everyone, I think!

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