Irish Round-Up Volume 2

Last year I did the popular Irish Round-Up on St. Patty’s Day, so I thought I’d do the same again.  I did a quick search through as many sources as I could find to locate some solid Irish music – regardless of sound.  Just to be clear – I’m looking for bands either from Ireland, or a band that fully embodies the Celtic spirit.  Preferably the former.

So here’s what I found!

  • I Am Not LefthandedYes Means No – This is an older album, one that I didn’t know existed until today!  Exactly a year ago was when I discovered IANL so it’s fitting that I include another new discovery of theirs in this year’s round-up.
  • The GakkThis Band Will Self-Destruct … – Traditional punk sound from Ireland, The Gakk are energetic and fun to listen to.  This album was just released in January 2011 – I think I might slot them into an upcoming podcast!
  • Adam R SweetCelticado – Celtic Men – I’m not sure if Adam R Sweet is actually from Ireland, but if you’re looking for some good fiddlin’ tunes, this is your best bet right here. 
  • Brigan Ensamble – Irish Roots – I think actually this ensemble (Ensamble is their spelling) has two parts, and I’m only linking the first – it should be pretty easy to find the second, though.  It’s all instrumental, and the group is from Ireland playing what appears to be traditional Irish songs.  There’s even an instrumental version of Whisky in the Jar!
  • Moutpiece – Moutpiece – This self-titled EP is tagged as Irish, so I can only assume that Moutpiece is from Ireland even though the geography information isn’t there.  It’s cool bit of punk – worth a listen.
  • Roger McGuinn – Drill Ye Terriers – I gotta be honest, I didn’t really listen to the lyrics because I was doing some work while listening, but this looks like it’s got good Irish roots to it.  Worth a listen; it’s only one track.
  • Roger McGuinn – Blow the Man Down – I prefer this one, mostly because I recognize it.  I think everyone knows this song, actually.
  • Fred van Eps – Irish Hearts – This one is really old – 1916, in fact.  This song was found under the Antique Phonograph Music section on the FMA.  It’s kinda catchy!

I think that’s a good haul for St. Patty’s Day!  Hope you have (safe) fun!

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