netBlocs & CXCW

I’m sure I established this before – I’m in the midst of a “writing week”, where I am supposed to be spending my time working on my fiction writing.  So of course I am instead writing about free music.  It’s a lot more fun and much more rewarding!  Anyway, I have a couple of sites to point you to today.

I honestly can’t remember if I’ve mentioned blocsonic before – well no, I’m sure that I have, but more specifically, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned the netBlocs that curator Michael Gregoire (or mGee on Twitter) puts together.  So I’m mentioning them now, because they are really great.  The basic idea behind them is that mGee scours other netlabels for cool, free music and puts it all into a compilation album for release on blocsonic.  Sort of like what I do, except he’s more successful and picks better music.

Volume 32 is avaialble now, so go and download – I particularly recommend Palloc, Danish Daycare, and 13adluck & uh-oh.

Next up: CXCW.  I wish I knew about this last week – it stands for Couch-by-Couch-West.  It’s admittedly a bit of a silly idea but aimed at anybody who couldn’t attend SXSW + are fans of independant music.  I haven’t checked out the whole blog, but from what I can see on a cursory glance, it’s a bunch of people recording music on their couches and posting it online for all to see.  They’ve awarded various prizes for “Best so-and-so” – check it out, and have a laugh.

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