Sea Birds (probably not Seagulls)

Big thanks to Joshua Watkins and his fans for coming over and checking out the blog – much appreciated!

 Of course the logical thing to do would be to follow up a hip-hop review with another hip-hop review…except I am not a Vulcan.  So instead, I’ve got some soft folky music.

Last week, FrostClick linked to the album A Softness by Sea Birds. I needed something to listen to in the background while I was at work, something that wasn’t too distracting.  Sea Birds fit the bill quite nicely, with a nice, soothing EP.  There was even a mix of banjo in there, which I appreciated.

 About Sea Birds

Sea Birds is actually Morgan Enos, who has apparently released other music on the website CLLCT (a website that I need to explore more in depth, I might add).  You can read Enos’ blog at, where you can also find the lyrics for A Softness.

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