#23 – No Foolin’

Welcome to April!  Spring is definitely here – it’s true, because a bird thought it was in my best interests to deficate on my passenger-side mirror on my car.  Anyway, new podcast for this week, with not so many new tracks but some great sounding music nonetheless.  Hope you enjoy!


  1. Kellee Maize – Start None (see the video here)
  2. Joshua Watkins – I Hope You Love Me
  3. 20LB Sounds – Jimmy Carter (see info re: Liverpool show here)
  4. Sylvain the Librarian – Daddy Play (Dymaxion Groove release of Staff Only No Vikings)
  5. Jens Wennberg – Show & Tell
  6. Emerald Park – At the Mall
  7. The Very Sexuals – Bowie Eyes
  8. I Am Not Lefthanded – Falling (get the “catch-up” EP here)

Total playtime: 0:33:46

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