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The next podcast (scheduled for Saturday, April 16th) is going to be a theme podcast.  I won’t give away what that theme is by stating it outright, but I will say that this post here is going to give you a big hint.

Anyway I was browsing for some swing music and came across this interesting radio show on

Crap From the Past: Internet-Only Program 30: “It Don’t Mean Crap If You Ain’t Got That Swing”

It’s an episode from this Internet-only radio show that ran from May 1998-May 1999; it was hosted by Ron “Boogiemonster” Gerber (man, I only wish I had as cool a nickname as that).  It’s your basic looking for influences from the past in more modern music.  In this particular episode, he was looking at the influences of swing in 80s music.

In Gerber’s own words, he didn’t have much to choose from; but he ended up putting together a neat little show chock full of history and great 80s music.  Very enjoyable listen, and it’s only 15 minutes long.  Good if you have some time to kill at work (as I do right now).

And just some extra information about the show: you can go to the official website of Crap from the Past to get more information and shows and playlists and – well everything about it that you need to know.  Like how this show was based in Minnesota.

It’s shows like this that make me want to do a little more research for my podcasts.  And I think I will endeavour to do so.

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