Rathole Roadshow 2011 Sampler

One of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis is Rathole Radio (hosted by Dan Lynch), and I’ve mentioned it a lot both on the blog and in my own podcasts.  I like the man’s taste in music (as eclectic as it is) and he is a very good live performer.  Well, at least I assume so, based on his live tracks in his podcasts.

At any rate, last year he put together a live Rathole Radio gig, and is doing so again this year.  He’s got a great lineup, consisting of I Am Not Lefthanded, Rob Warren, and Dan’s own band, 20LB Sounds.  Dan’s put together a free sampler EP that you can check out in advance of the show.

You can get the sampler here, and find out more about the April 24 show here.

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