Excursions in Music

Michael Gregoire, the man behind one of the biggest players in the netlabel scene (blocsonic), just yesterday launched a new music web site / magazine: Excursions in Music (http://excursionsinmusic.com/).

From the about page:

“Excursions in Music is a music magazine that documents the team’s listening habits to some degree and hopefully take you along for the ride. Perhaps even helping you discover or re-discover a few musical gems. At times the music will be as mainstream as you can get and other times, it’ll be some obscure, free netaudio gem that needs to be heard!

“What you’ll find here are articles, reviews, playlists and even commentary about album art. I’ve discovered so much amazing music by pushing myself to look beyond what I’m used to, going off on musical excursions. The excursions are where the magic’s found.”

I think the website looks pretty cool!  It’s not all about the free music this time, but rather the focus is on music that is genuinely good.  I don’t mind that it’s not just free music, because there’s a lot of artists out there who aren’t releasing things for free but don’t get some of the recognition they probably deserve.

Michael calls himself a “digger” of music, and I definitely think he has a good ear for finding music.  He launched EiM with a ton of articles ready to go, about things ranging from album reviews to a case for releasing music in the FLAC (or any lossless) format.

It’s fairly easy to lose a big chunk of time exploring the site, especially if you like reading about music.  Go have a look.


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