How about some bluegrass?

My apologies to any loyal followers (if I have any, please raise your hand so I can see you) for not posting very much lately.  You see, I’m a bit busy at work and don’t usually post on the weekends. 

But enough of that – for the rest of the week, I’m going to feature some music that’s exactly the right thing to play for when you need to hop into your dusty red pick-up and chase some folks out of town.

That’s right – it’s time for some good ol’ bluegrass.

First up this week is a group called the Rock Creek Ramblers, whose name instantly brings to mind (well, my mind, anyway) a group of quarry-men who break out the banjos on their breaks in between chipping away at the rock bed.  Or something like that.

I found the album over at CLLCT, and you can get it here:  The self-titled album was apparently recorded in Alaska, which is just about the last place I would expect to find bluegrass.  Now that picture of the band that I formed is sprouting parkas everywhere.  The mitts do not help with the banjo plucking.

Being from Denali National Park, Alaska gives a little more context to some of the lyrics these guys sing.  Not that I usually pay much attention to lyrics (nor am I always able to make them out in some cases), but I guess I just mean that they make a little more sense knowing that the group hails from Alaska. 

The music itself is exactly what I was looking for in these days of sunny, snow-less weather.  I liked the mix between upbeat strumming (of which there was plenty), and some slower tunes to take a little breather, as it were.  Definitely an album worth having a listen if you’re into bluegrass at all.

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