Bluegrass – From Russia??

Oh yeah, we’re still going with bluegrass.  Oh, and sorry for the wordy post yesterday; I was kind of in a mood to write and that’s what came out.  And by “sorry” I mean “I’m trying to write more than just ‘here’s an album you might like’ but that was still unexpected compared to what I’ve done before”.  *ahem*

Moving along, the next artist I found is Noel Bush.

Poor Folk is tagged on Jamendo as “folk” / “americana” – and that much, I think I agree with.  It’s definitely folk, and there are some instances of americana in there.  And truthfully, this album is probably more folkish than bluegrass, but I think it’s close enough that we can stretch the genre definitions a little.

What I noticed about his songs, after looking at the supplied lyrics that came with the album download, is that most of his tracks are traditional folk songs, while a track like “1913 Massacre” is a Woody Guthrie tune.  Some good interpretations on the album.

And like yesterday, where we had a traditional-sounding bluegrass album recorded in Alaska, we have a traditional folk album recorded in a very untraditional place; Poor Folk was recorded in St. Petersberg, Russia, of all places.  I swear, I did not consciously try to pick these albums based on their unorthodox choices for recording these traditional style albums.

Anyway, you can download Noel Bush’s Poor Folk from a number of places, but I got my copy from Jamendo.

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